Get a sampleAs the military requires faster digital networks, a Mil-spec Ethernet cable and connector must transfer massive amounts of critical data and Intel at much higher data rates. At the same time, cables must be smaller and lighter to save weight but must also be flexible and durable to survive complex routing and harsh mission conditions.

GORE Ethernet Cables are designed with these "must haves" in mind. We offer several compact, high-density configurations and performance lengths that reliably support standardized protocols. Each military-grade Ethernet cable brings fast speeds, robustness, route-ability and weight savings that armed forces want and need to ensure the success of every mission.

Features & Benefits

Unlike leading alternatives, GORE Ethernet Cables are engineered with unique features that make them more durable against challenging maintenance activities and mission conditions, including:

  • temperature- and abrasion-resistant materials
  • chemically inert and EMI shielding materials
  • slender, lightweight, highly flexible diameters

For system architects and engineers, our defense and aerospace-grade gigabit Ethernet cable provides many benefits that ensure their performance and longevity in defense aircraft and vehicles, like:

  • meet or exceed Cat5e/6A/8 protocol requirements
  • excellent signal integrity with sufficient margin after installation and over time
  • lower crosstalk for less RF signal interference among critical systems
  • valuable weight savings with compact cable configurations
  • endure extreme environments with high-density constructions
  • quick, easy routing from greater flexibility and tighter bending
  • compatible with a variety of leading connector systems and backshells

Cat6A/8 (4 Pairs)

Gore’s 4-pair Ethernet cable with Cat8 or Cat6A speed limit for air and defense.

Gore's Ethernet 4-pair cable was honored by the Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards.

Our award-winning cable Cat6A for defense applications exceeds stringent protocol requirements. It’s proven to maintain clear data and video Cat6A transmission speed up to 10 Gb/s at lengths up to 80 m (262 ft.) with additional margin to help overcome routing issues and mission challenges.

Based on test results using cable routing simulators that we built, this flexible multi-layer Cat6A Ethernet cable wiring delivered proven installed performance compared to leading alternatives. Our Cat6A cable specification is approved to SAE AS6070™ and VG95218-31 standards and on the Qualified Products List (QPL). This version is also qualified according to C21091 specifications and has been selected for aircraft program upgrades, like the F-16 and more.

For even faster speeds, our Cat8 shielded Ethernet cable can help you adapt now and be ready for the future without having to transition to an entirely different cabling solution. This version transfers Cat8 Ethernet cable speed up to 40 Gb/s at lengths up to 22 m (72 ft.) without jeopardizing system robustness or adding weight.

Our 4-pair design is generally 24% smaller and 25% lighter than alternative designs. In fact, they’re proven to save 1.93 kg per 100 m (13 lbs. per 1000 ft.) of weight in military aircraft and combat vehicles. For Cat8 Ethernet cable specs, replacing 4 leading alternative Cat6A cables with a single Gore Cat8 cable at 22 m (72 ft.) could save installed weight up to 82 kg/km (180 lbs. per 1000 ft.).

Cat5e (Quadrax)

Gore’s Cat5e GigE Ethernet assemblies, quadrax version for aerospace & defense.

When you don't want to use a 4-pair design in your system architecture, our star quadrax cable design is a perfect alternative to meet Ethernet Cat5e protocol requirements. And this version is a proven reliable substitute for dual twisted pair constructions to meet higher data rate needs.

This quadrax Ethernet for defense applications uses dual differential pairs to transmit continuous bi-directional signals at high speeds. Their performance is proven reliable up to 100 MHz at lengths up to 70 m (230 ft.) using size 24 AWG and 50 m (164 ft.) using size 26 AWG. Also, positioning two of our cables side by side can achieve Ethernet 1000BASE-T performance for more system design options.

This pioneering cable geometry we originally invented is roughly 40% smaller and up to 30% lighter than dual twisted pair constructions. Our star quadrax design saves more than 5.0 kg (11 lbs.) on aircraft like the latest fifth-generation F-35.

Cat5e (2 Pairs)

Gore’s 2-pair Cat5e cable color code for defense air & land systems.

Our Cat5e cable pairs are ideal if you prefer an Ethernet 2-pair vs. a 4-pair or quadrax design in your system architecture. Small and robust, this 100-ohm 2-pair Ethernet cable and wiring preserves signal integrity, significantly exceeds crosstalk requirements and reliably carries up to 1 GHz Cat5e speed limit of high-speed data on military digital networks.

For Ethernet 1000BASE-T performance, positioning 2 of our Cat5e wire pairs side by side gives engineers more options when designing avionics or vectronics systems.

Applications & Connectors

Delivering valued performance and longevity, GORE Ethernet Cables can be reliably used in many defense aircraft and vehicle applications. Each configuration can be terminated with a variety of leading defense and aerospace Ethernet connector systems and backshells, like ARINC and MIL-STD-38999 with size 8 contacts.

Get termination instructions for Gore's Cat6A cables with leading connector systems, like a 4-pair RJ45 connection.

(4 Pairs)
(2 Pairs)
Box-to-Box Systems  
Communications Systems
Data Storage  
Flight/Vehicle Management Systems
Digital Camera/Video Systems
Digital Visual Interface (DVI)  
Ethernet Backbone
Flight/Propulsion Control  
HD Video Streaming  
Military Digital Networks
Mission Systems
Program UpgradesAbrams Main Battle Tank, C-130, F-16, KC-135, UH-60  
Radar/Radio Systems
Serial Buses  
Tactical Links


Technical Specs & Drawings

These values demonstrate the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of GORE Ethernet Cables for defense air & land. Download our data sheets in the table below for more cable characteristics, performance data, qualifications and part numbers. You can also fill out a short form for instant access to selected drawings.


Elec./Mech./Environ. PropertyCat8
(4 Pairs)
(4 Pairs)
(2 Pairs)
Signal Transmission SpeedUp to 40 Gb/sUp to 10 Gb/sUp to 100 MHzUp to 1 GHz
Standard Impedance Ohms100 ± 10100 ± 10100 ± 10100 ± 10/-5
Typical Operating Voltage V< 15< 15< 15< 15
Nominal Velocity of Propagation %80808080
Nominal Time Delay ns/m (ns/ft.)4.10 (1.25)4.10 (1.25)4.10 (1.25)4.10 (1.25)
Capacitance pF/m (pF/ft.)42.6 (13.0)42.6 (13.0)45.0 (13.7)41.0 (12.5)
Minimum Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) dB
  10 MHz
  100 MHz
  500 MHz
  1000 MHz
  2000 MHz





Shielding Effectiveness dB> 55> 55
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Vrms




Jacket MaterialEngineered FluoropolymerEngineered Fluoropolymer or PU Halogen-Free1Engineered FluoropolymerEngineered Fluoropolymer
Jacket ColorWhite (Laser Markable)EF: White (Laser Markable)
PU: Black1
White (Laser Markable)White (Laser Markable)
ConductorSilver-Plated Copper or SPC AlloySilver-Plated Copper Alloy
Conductor Color-CodingSolid Blue & White/Blue Stripe,
Solid Orange & White/Orange Stripe,
Solid Green & White/Green Stripe,
Solid Brown & White/Brown Stripe
Solid Green & White/Green Stripe, Solid Orange & White/Orange Stripe
Dielectric MaterialExpanded PTFE/PTFE
Temperature Range °C-65 to +200-65 to +200-65 to +200-65 to +200
 Data SheetData SheetData SheetData Sheet

1 Based on Gore's part numbers, GSC-01-85237-VG, GSC-01-85238-VG and GSC-01-83134-VG for military vehicle systems.

Get Samples or Buy

Available in several configurations to meet Cat8/6A/5e protocols, GORE Ethernet Cables are the proven reliable solution for supporting military digital networks and mission-critical systems. For prototyping and evaluation in your specific application, check out our selection of pre-qualified defense and aerospace Ethernet cables to order your complimentary samples.

If you’re ready to buy our cables in a 4-pair, 2-pair or quadrax design, connect with a trusted distributor now for in-stock availability.

If you’re unsure which military-standard Ethernet cable best fits your application, call us today and we’ll help you navigate the requirements and select the correct version.

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