Seconds matter during military operations, so aircrews must receive vital Information in time or risk compromising the mission and their safety. With aerospace wires and cables being key components in aircraft, they have to transmit data as fast as possible on avionics digital networks no matter the circumstances.

Built for speed and accuracy, GORE CAN Bus Cables reliably send high-quality signals for secure data transmission up to 1 GHz. They maintain controlled impedance at 120 ohms in whatever conditions they encounter. The reason is their unique multi-layer construction that provides versatile protection to shield wires from extreme impact. Our aviation cables can endure rapid temperature changes, repeated vibration, rigorous routing in airframes and more.


A smaller design is essential for routing and installation where space is limited. Our CAN Bus cables are 40% smaller than alternative designs, which makes them fundamentally lighter. A smaller diameter also means improved flexibility and reduced bend radius for quick routing and installation without any trouble. Maintainers will also like that our aviation cables have a unique inverted dielectric that makes wire prep and insertion in smaller connector systems much easier.

When put to the test, GORE CAN Bus cables for defense aircraft maintain stable communications on avionics digital networks over the aircraft lifetime. Ultimately, aircrews gain a decisive edge and the confidence that avionics transmitting critical information won't fail in the aircraft they fly.

Construction of Gore CAN Bus Cables

Engineered fluoropolymer jacket


Braided shield


Sliver-Plated Copper/SPC Alloy Conductor


Color-coded composite dielectric


Compact footprint of GORE CAN Bus Cables.


GORE CAN Bus Cables are suitable for today’s faster avionics digital networks and other applications requiring secure, accurate high data rate transfer, like:

  • avionics digital networks
  • controller-area networks
  • data links
  • electronic diagnostics
  • HD streaming video systems
  • mission systems
  • serial buses

Our cables can also be terminated with a variety of leading high-speed aerospace connector systems and backshells, like ARINC and MIL-STD-38999 with size 8 and 22D contacts.

Features & Benefits

GORE CAN Bus Cables are engineered with unique features that make them more durable against challenging environmental factors and aircraft conditions, including:

  • inverted dielectric design with smaller diameters
  • temperature- and abrasion-resistant materials
  • chemically inert materials

These aviation cables provide system architects and engineers with many benefits that improve their overall performance in defense aircraft, like:

  • high-quality signals for fast, secure data transmission up to 1 GHz
  • proven controlled impedance at 120 ohms
  • versatile protection against extreme mechanical/environmental impact
  • size and weight savings with 40% smaller diameters than alternative designs
  • trouble-free routing with improved flexibility and reduced bend radius
  • easier wire prep and insertion in smaller connector systems
  • compatible with a variety of high-speed connector systems and backshells

Technical Specs & Drawings

These values demonstrate the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of GORE CAN Bus Cables for defense aircraft. Download our data sheet for more cable characteristics, qualifications and part numbers. Also, fill out a short form for instant access to drawings.

Data Sheet Drawings

Elec./Mech./Environ. PropertyValue
Signal Transmission Speed GHzUp to 1
Standard Impedance Ohms120 ± 10
Typical Operating Voltage V<15
Nominal Velocity of Propagation %80
Nominal Time Delay ns/m (ns/ft)4.10 (1.25)
Capacitance pF/m (pF/ft)42.0 (12.8)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Vrms

Jacket MaterialEngineered Fluoropolymer
Jacket ColorWhite (Laser Markable)
ConductorSliver-Plated Copper or SPC Alloy
Conductor Color-CodingBlue/White
Dielectric MaterialExpanded PTFE/PTFE
Temperature Range °C-65 to +200

Get Samples or Buy

With a unique, durable inverted dielectric, Gore’s controlled-impedance cables deliver fast, secure data and maintain communications during missions. Find out if GORE CAN Bus Cables are the right fit for your defense aircraft application by ordering our pre-qualified samples, which are complimentary.

To find out more or discuss your specific characteristic limits and application needs, contact us today. Or, contact one of our authorized distributors when you’re ready to place an order.

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