With higher bandwidth requirements rising, fiber optics in military applications must transfer loads of data and video reliably so personnel can quickly gather Intel, maintain communications and react appropriately. Cables must also be smaller and lighter to fit in space-limited areas of combat aircraft, vehicles and tanks.

GORE Fiber Optic Cables balance strength, small size, less weight and high flex compared to alternatives. We offer several Simplex versions with single-mode and multi-mode core types up to OM5 to meet many application needs. Delivering strong signals, each version can easily accommodate the military’s bandwidth-intensive requirements supporting next-gen data and video architectures.

Unlike alternatives, we bring a higher level of rugged protection that shields the fiber core from rigorous installation, crushing force, high-intensity vibration, mechanical shock, plus more. All of our versions meet, even exceed, stringent industry standards for fiber optic cable temperature range, durability and optical performance.

Features & Benefits

We construct GORE Fiber Optic Cables with rugged features that safeguard against complex routing and maintenance activities and harsh-environment missions, including:

  • Impact- and crush-resistant buffering systems
  • chemically inert and temperature-resistant materials
  • slender, light cable diameters

For system architects and engineers, our mil-spec fiber optic cable solutions provide a handful of benefits that enhance system performance and longevity, like:

  • secure, high-bandwidth data and video transfer with low optical loss up to 100+ Gb/s
  • proven resistance to high impact, crushing, abrasion, vibration, shock and more
  • proven to exceed new stringent EN4641-301 and JN1177 durability requirements
  • easier, faster routing with more flexibility and tighter bend capability
  • valued weight and space savings in combat aircraft, vehicles and tanks
  • variety of single-mode & multi-mode core types from OM1 to OM5
  • compatible with a variety of high-speed connector systems and backshells

1.8 mm Simplex

Construction of Gore’s fiber optic 1.8 mm Simplex for defense air & land applications.

Gore’s 1.8 mm Simplex version was honored by the Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards.

Our most popular award-winning version offers many benefits of a fiber optic cable. Built with a remarkable buffering system, our 1.8 mm Simplex is proven to resist high-weight impact, crushing, abrasion and kinking than other fiber optics for aerospace and military applications. It’s also proven to endure high-intensity vibration and mechanical shock in extreme temperatures without optical loss.

These compact, high-density fiber optic cables reliably support next-gen data and video architectures up to 100+ Gb/s without interruption on avionics and vectronics digital networks. This version also exceeds new stringent EN4641-301 and JN1177 standards initially intended for larger, more rugged designs on 10+ Gb/s avionics networks.

1.2 mm Simplex

Gore’s industrial 1.2 mm Simplex fiber optics for military applications.

This military-grade fiber optic cable delivers stable optical performance with low loss for transferring high-bandwidth data and video on avionics and vectronics digital networks. Thanks to its rugged, thin buffering system, our 1.2 mm Simplex combats routing, vibration, shock and tension that can severely impact overall system performance in defense aircraft and armored vehicles.

Smaller and lighter without losing mechanical strength, our standard sealed fiber optic cable minimizes routing and installation complexities in condensed areas of a fiber optic cable communication system.

900 micron (µm)

Gore’s 900 micron fiber optic cables for defense aerospace & ground missions.

Like our other Simplex versions, these single and multi-mode fiber optic cable solutions provide high-level crush resistance to protect the delicate fiber core. They deliver quality signals with minimal loss during complex installation, maintenance and mission scenarios. This version also drastically reduces shrink back and shortens sample termination times.

Our 900 micron fiber optic cable is an excellent choice for inside-the-box devices because they’re slender, flexible and easy to route. For outside-the-box systems that need more durability and high-temperature protection, we offer fiber options packaged with our GORE® Cable Protection Systems.

Applications & Connectors

With proven ruggedness, GORE Fiber Optic Cables prove trustworthy in numerous defense aircraft and vehicle applications. Each version of our Simplex cables can be terminated with a variety of leading military-grade fiber optic connectors and backshells, like ARINC, MIL-STD-38999, and MIL-PRF-29504. 

Applications of Optical Fiber in Defense1.8 mm Simplex1.2 mm Simplex0.9 mm Simplex 
(900 µm)
Avionics/Vectronics Digital Networks 
Ethernet Backbone 
Flight Management Systems 
HD Streaming Camera Systems  
HD Streaming Video Systems 
High Bandwidth in-LRU Data Paths  
Inside-the-Box Devices 
Intercom/Radio Systems 
In-Vehicle Networking  
Laser Pigtails  
Outside-the-Box Systems  
Radar Systems  
Sensor/Processor Connectivity  
Strain-Gauge Systems  
Weather Radar Systems 

Technical Specs & Drawings

These values demonstrate the optical, mechanical and environmental performance of GORE Fiber Optic Cables for defense air and land. Download our data sheets in the table below for more cable characteristics, performance data, qualifications and part numbers. You can also fill out a short form for instant access to selected drawings.


Elec./Mech./ Environ. Property1.8 mm Simplex1.2 mm Simplexb0.9 mm Simplex 
(900 µm)
Signal Transmission Speed Gb/sUp to 100+Up to 10Up to 100
Max Optical Loss dB/km
  850 nm
  1300 nm
  1310 nm

4.0 / ≤ 5.0a
≤ 3.0a

≤ 1.5


Jacket MaterialPFAExtruded FEPPEEK
Jacket ColorViolet or TanBlueTan
Core TypeSM or Multi-Mode, Graded IndexSM or Multi-Mode, Graded IndexSM or Multi-Mode
Coating TypeHigh-Temperature Acrylate
Buffering SystemePTFE / Crush-Resistant Layer

OD: 900 µm (Nominal)
Temperature Range °C-65 to +135-55 to +125-60 to +135
 Data Sheet

Data Sheet
(EN4641 & JN1177)
Data SheetData Sheet

a. Based on Gore’s part numbers GSC-13-84943-07 and GSC-13-84943-17. 
b. Based on Gore’s part number FON1307. 

Get Samples or Buy

Available in several robust Simplex versions, GORE Fiber Optic Cables offer complete reliability in avionics and vectronics for mission readiness, safety and effectiveness. Browse our inventory and order a complimentary sample of selected pre-qualified mil-spec fiber cables to determine if a particular version is compatible with your application.

If you’re ready to order now, reach out to an authorized distributor for in-stock availability. Or, contact us today to discuss your specific needs and requirements with a Gore aerospace and defense representative.

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