Military OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and system suppliers now demand better protection for cables connected to avionics. But, they also want cables packaged in thinner, lighter materials to save valuable weight in aircraft.

Engineered with extremely durable materials resistant to crushing and abrasion, GORE Cable Protection Systems provide some of the highest levels of protection available in the aviation industry. We designed them for packaging GORE® High Speed Data Cables or industry alternatives. 

Our cable jacket systems are durable enough to tolerate aircraft conditions, like complicated routing in cramped electrical systems, corrosive chemicals and harsh fuels and oils. They also defend against demanding airborne environments, like extreme temperatures and constant vibration.


During installation in cable runs and sharp edges in airframes, our cable jacket systems allow high-speed copper wires and fiber optics to float freely without getting damaged or failing. They’re also highly flexible, offering tighter bend capability without exceeding the minimum bend radius compared to alternative designs. 

These thinner, lighter jacket systems also contribute to weight savings and lend space for other vital systems in military aircraft. Overall, installers will find it much easier and faster to route wires and fiber wrapped in our jacket systems without over-bending or breaking them in tight configurations.

Features & Benefits

Unmatched by alternative jacket designs, GORE Cable Protection Systems offer exceptional features for packaging copper wires and fiber optics, including:

  • crush- and abrasion-resistant material
  • chemically inert material
  • thinner, lighter, highly flexible design

These jacket systems bring a handful of benefits to system architects and engineers, ensuring the best possible protection against harsh maintenance and operational conditions, like:

  • proven superior levels of durability
  • allow copper and fiber to move freely inside without damage or failure
  • hassle-free routing and tighter bending without exceeding MBR
  • contribute to valuable aircraft weight savings
  • designed for packaging GORE High Speed Data Cables or alternatives
  • compatible with M85049/88 connector backshells, adaptors and similar banding platform backshells

Get termination instructions with detailed step-by-step guidance for our cable protection systems with these connector backshells and adaptors.

Technical Specs & Drawings

These values demonstrate the mechanical and environmental performance of GORE Cable Protection Systems for defense aircraft. Download our data sheet for more characteristics, qualifications and part numbers. Also, fill out a short form for instant access to drawings.


Mechanical / Environmental Property Value
Jacket Material Expanded PTFE / PTFE
Jacket Color Black with Violet Stripes
Temperature Range °C -65 to +260

How to Buy

When you want high data rate copper wires and fiber optics that are routable and fit for missions, package them with GORE Cable Protection Systems for ultimate protection, hassle-free installation, weight savings and less maintenance. If you’re ready to purchase today, contact a global distributor for in-stock availability.

Or, call us now to discuss your precise application requirements and learn more about this product with our full line of high-speed data cables.



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