Please note: While these Termination Instructions offer a helpful guide, they should always be used in alongside current backshell manufacturing instructions for best results.

About the Termination Instructions

These termination instructions are intended solely for terminating Gore’s cable protection systems for civil and defense aircraft, and military land systems with M85049/88 connector backshells, adapters, and backshells with a similar branding platform. They first detail the tools and materials you’ll need, which include:

  • Cutters and razor blade
  • Banding tool
  • Band strap
  • Shrink boot or heat shrink
  • Heat gun

Once your cables and parts are prepared, you’ll then be able to follow highly detailed, step-by-step instructions for terminating the inside cable entry of the connector backshell, as well as terminating the banding platform of the connector shell. Each step is detailed by photos and illustrations to help you ensure proper termination.

Contact a Gore Representative for More Information or Assistance

Terminating Gore’s cable protection systems for aerospace and defense properly with connector backshells and adapters will ensure your high-speed data wires and cables deliver superior performance in demanding land and flight conditions. These termination instructions should only be used for GORE Cable Protection Systems with M85049/88 connector backshells, adapters and backshells with a similar banding platform. To learn more about Gore’s high-speed data cables or to request complimentary samples in 48 hours, contact a Gore representative today.