Before discovering GORE Aerospace USB 3.0 Cables, this project presented significant challenges for IFPL, with complex electronic circuits and the required form, fit and function of the module having to fit inside a smaller area. In addition, the module would also need to accomplish the following:

  • Provide more power and data while meeting the requirement for power dissipation at 2 watts or below to effectively dissipate secondary heat
  • Connect to a certified high-speed data cable that provided reliable signal integrity over longer distances and supported the module’s required 12-32V power input
  • Convert the input to a 2A 5V DC output to ensure passenger mobile devices, including cell phones, laptops and tablets would charge quickly and easily

For these reasons, using a traditional design approach would’ve resulted in a smaller module radiating very high emissions and creating electromagnetic interference (EMI). IFPL needed smaller, lighter and more durable cables that would withstand high temperatures, rigorous installation in tight spaces and other challenging environments without failing.


Before reaching out to Gore’s engineers, IFPL’s design team conducted extensive research to select a board layout with highly-efficient components and EMI filtering. We then began working with IFPL, helping them select the right high-speed data cable to meet their requirements. Understanding their specific challenges, we provided a prequalified, tested sample of our GORE Aerospace USB 3.0 Cables, which are constructed with approved aerospace materials and meet USB protocols for civil applications.


Through extensive testing, IFPL found that that the new USB-A 3.0 module met D1060(G) regulatory requirements and surpassed industry standards for power dissipation thanks to GORE Aerospace USB 3.0 Cables. Results also showed that Gore’s cable accomplished the following:

  • Provided reliable signal integrity for high-speed data transmission up to 10 gigabits (Gb/s) over longer distances while withstanding wide temperature ranges
  • Offered faster IFE content uploads and downloads by carrying increased data greater than five meters
  • Supported the new module’s 12-32V power input, ensuring quick and easy charging of passenger devices


Learn More About GORE Aerospace USB 3.0 Cables

GORE Aerospace USB 3.0 Cables come in various standard sizes, allowing them to integrate easily into new or existing system architecture. To learn more about how these cables can provide your application with improved electrical and mechanical performance, contact a Gore representative today. You can also request a complimentary sample of our USB cables, as well as our other aerospace high-speed data cables within 48 hours from your request. To order GORE® Aerospace USB 3.0 Cables, get in touch with one of our authorized distributors.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.